We’ve heard it countless times before… remember the good ole days when it was a treat to shop at our local department store? We miss those details, such as Joseph Magnin’s Wolves Den, Jordan Marsh’s delicious blueberry muffins, and The Garden State Tea Room at Bamberger's. What about the salesperson who knew what you liked and would always put items aside just for you?

Bringing back iconic department stores!
Now, through Retro Departmentstores.com and later Retrofashionmall.com, we brought back some of the greatest department stores of the 20th century: including Joseph Magnin, I. Magnin, Foley’s, Bullock’s Department Store, May, Robinson’s May, Jordan Marsh, Bamberger’s and many more.

The Plan
This site is only the beginning. You’ll see even more selection within each store over the coming months as a “nostalgic” virtual mall. The next phase is to branch out with unique accessories at small boutiques, followed by exclusive apparel created by up-and-coming designers, culminating later with actual “Brick and Mortar” stores throughout the United States stocked with a full line-up of localized products. We’re thrilled to bring back a little part of Americana so watch this site for more updates!








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