Joseph Magnin

The Joseph Magnin Company was a high-end specialty department store founded in San Francisco, California by Joseph Magnin, the son of Isaac and Mary Ann Magnin, who was the founder of the I. Magnin & Co. high-end specialty department store she named after her husband.

For many years Joseph Magnin Co. operated in the shadows of I. Magnin. After World War II, under the leadership of Joseph’s son Cyril Magnin, the Joseph Magnin Co. went more upscale and began courting the younger woman’s market. JM advertisements were distinctive as being glamorous, sophisticated, trendy and youthful. Marilyn Monroe purchased the suit she wore when she married Joe DiMaggio in 1954 at JM. The store was one of the first in San Francisco to employ Asian-Americans in customer service. The store also included the Wolves Den, for men only. Men could shop in a clublike area while seated, served martinis, smoking cigars, and being shown merchandise by JM's most attractive women.

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